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Mirabella Swan ⌛ "Mira" ([personal profile] slippage) wrote 2014-07-22 03:48 am (UTC)

Mira appreciates it. "My mother has been dead since I was five, which is where I got my fairy. My father has never dated since. Then, three weeks ago, he came home and told me to meet my new stepmother Kelsey and her two daughters from her first marriage. Kelsey's fairy is around a lot and stared at my father and me all the time, sometimes the daughters too. Kelsey acted like it was inconceivable that I didn't want to call her Mother and hug her every time I saw her and generally behave more affectionately with her, a complete stranger, than I did when I was five with my real mother. All of which would merely be bizarre, not incriminating, but then the next time I called my fairy up, she told me you're welcome and when I wanted to know what for she said she'd prevented Kelsey's fairy from forcing me to love Kelsey because she suspected that I'd perceive that as a harm. Since then I've been trying to get my fairy to help Chals somehow, but she won't or can't, and Kelsey's on to me, and my father is no longer just ridiculously in love with his wife but acts like he finds me unpleasant to be around even when Kelsey isn't in the room or the subject of conversation. My fairy's most recent failure to directly assist involved dressing me up like this and giving me a coach ride to this party, which I am taking advantage of because maybe you can help. I hope it's not a problem that I snuck in."

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