works_like_a: (Bastard son)
Adanir ([personal profile] works_like_a) wrote in [personal profile] slippage 2014-07-22 03:57 am (UTC)

Adanir takes three seconds to digest - that disaster. That is a big disaster, wow.

"If anyone is annoyed with you for sneaking in tell them I invited you," he says, reasonably. He's already got one 'stray,' no one will think he's gone mad for inviting another to a ball. "And then if it was ever a problem it will cease to be one. I can possibly help, but I will certainly try. I don't have a fairy, but what I can do involves sending people that do to go arrest this woman and try to get her to - stop it, and verify that the fairy isn't acting on her own, trying to be 'helpful.'"

He is not going to let the king hear of this. Ever. One, because he'd be annoyed with Adanir so readily committing to helping this poor girl, but also because Adanir is genuinely worried about what he'd do with a person who had a fairy that willingly and consistently brainwashed people. The thought is terrifying.

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