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Adanir ([personal profile] works_like_a) wrote in [personal profile] slippage 2014-07-22 03:27 am (UTC)

The crown prince is currently not busy, and he's supposed to be - mingling. Some bizarre part of learning how to be a monarch - how to manipulate people and treat them like puppets. He'd rather treat them like people, but if he wants to keep his crown princehood, he gets to play the king's game. He wants to keep being the crown prince, because of what he'll be able to do with it. So, here he is, playing the game. Learning useful things, like how to judge people for what they can do within reasonable levels to their pride and their assets, but also utterly useless things like how to smile pretty. He was forced to master that one, and it was only after he had it that he realized its use. Dealing with people you don't like but have to deal with? Use the smile. The smile works.

Oh, look, someone he doesn't recognize. The king would be disappointed in him, he's supposed to know all of these people already. Right, well, there's nothing to be done for it now but figure out who she is and how important or useful she is. Hopefully she won't flirt with him, but he's supposed to smile at her anyway, no need to be rude.

"Certainly," agrees Adanir, using the smile. It can be accurately described as 'dazzling.' Too bad it's not his natural one.

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